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Want extremely high quality lesbian videos and photos? Than look no further. Sapphic Erotica has some of the highest quality videos that you will ever see. They are even shooting in HD now. Check out the sample clips right at the top of their page. That is some awesome quality. And, you can download full length clips that are 20 to 30 minutes long. You can download the whole scene in one long clips, or in shorter clips. The girls on this site are some of the cutest teen amateurs I have seen. And most importantly, they seem to really enjoy having sex with other women. The sex in most scenes is very realistic and passionate. There's lots of kissing and foreplay. The girls really get into it. There is some toy use and some strap-on stuff, but the hottest stuff is often the really passionate kissing, and slow erotic foreplay. This site is definitely worth a look if you are looking for some really high quality and high definition girl on girl movies.

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Lesbian Porn Videos
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What do you get when you combine stunning women, professional photography and film making, and models who just love other women? You get some of the best lesbian porn around, with high definition videos.

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Whether it is hot girl on girl action you are looking for, or some good old fashioned fucking, there is lots for you to choose from at Huge Mpegs. With over 1 TB of videos online, there is very likely to be numerous movies to your liking. And guess what? They can all be downloaded and saved - and you can even burn them to DVD.  They have all sorts of movies online: teen, anal, POV, threesomes, the list just goes on. And the video quality is impressive. Definitely a great site if you have broadband and want to download porn videos.

If you want all girl action, there is the "Decadent Divas 28" lesbian DVD, with some very hot all-girl scenes, where the girls wear hot lingerie and stockings. And "Sorority Sleepover" had a few steamy scenes of college babes getting in on with each other in their sorority. And there is a scorching hot scene with Jenna Haze in "100% Jenna Haze", where she gets seduced by her hot female psychiatrist played by Sondra Hall. It is one of my favorite lesbian scenes on the site. This all girl DVD is a real good one. All together, there are over 100 lesbian videos on the site. That is over 30 hours of all girl movies, all organized nicely in their lesbian category, so you can view thumbnails for all of them easily.  Plus, they even have a few movies in 720p HD! Beats the shit out of surfing for short free lesbian porn videos all day when you can download porn movies in full length for a few bucks.

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What makes for good all girl porn? First, you gotta have some good looking women. Second, you gotta have chemistry between the girls. Too many all girl  porn movies nowadays just throw a couple pornstars on a bed and have them go crazy with all sorts of sex toys, thinking that somehow makes a hot lesbian video. It does not. You need some sort of passion - it's gotta look like the girls want to be there - that they are totally into it. That's what is great about some of the better videos from Sapphic Erotica or Viv Thomas. If you don't know who Viv Thomas is, you should do a search. He is some British erotic film maker who specializes in very erotic lesbian movies. His movies have awesome kissing, and the women could not look any more into it. I've seen a couple scenes from him that are simply the hottest all girl scenes I have ever watched. It's great stuff. Plain and simple, it is done right. Sapphic Erotica comes close to the same thing, but with a more amateur feel to their videos. There is less of high quality production feel, and more of an amateur video feel to it, while still having good lighting and attractive women. You can't go wrong with videos from either of them if you looking for some top notch lesbian porn videos.

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